Economic Prosperity

  • Promotion of economic growth to lower residential tax rate while supporting education, public safety, social services, and the continued reduction of homelessness

  • Continue to find solutions for diverse housing options

  • Work with the Economic Development Authority to reshape the agency's priorities for the betterment of the Hunter Mill District

  • Keep the priorities of the Hunter Mill District in the forefront of conversation and ensure Reston, Vienna and Herndon receive a fair share



  • Diligence in delivering timely transportation improvements including multi-modal options and technological advancements

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  • Continue to fund the Board of Education in a robust manner

  • Work with Board of Education to educate and train our students, both academically and technically

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  • Appropriate and sustainable development in the right places

  • Any development should enhance our community while contributing maximum revenue to Fairfax County tax base

  • Adhere to Comprehensive Plan for TSA's

  • Examine the PRC policies and plans through open process with all stakeholders 

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Parks and Open Space

  • Celebrate and maintain current scenario where every citizen of Fairfax County lives within .5 miles of a park

  • Work toward solutions for retaining open space in the Hunter Mill District

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